How you can draw on the power of the IoT in healthcare

White Paper

Healthcare devices are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the IoT market, earning their own acronym of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things). With the market set to reach $176 billion by 2026, Polymorph are discussing the technology trends disrupting the healthcare sector, and how you can benefit.

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Connected devices, cloud computing, and the internet allow for larger volumes of data to be exchanged than ever before. In a healthcare setting, this is drastically transforming how professionals and facilities run day-to-day – benefitting the way records are managed, and crucially, improving patient care. Download our whitepaper to find out:

  • How MedTech devices like booking systems and digitised patient records save time
  • How risk management through real-time data is saving lives
  • The possibilities of combining connectivity and AI to spot trends in patient care

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