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At Mi3, we are experts in the contract manufacturing of medical devices and make an ideal partner if you are looking for a dual-supply source or simply want your device manufacturing in the UK.  

We bring your medical devices to life!

Our purpose built Class 7 and Class 8 cleanrooms are designed for precision injection moulding, extrusion, assembly and packaging of medical devices, IVD’s and other medical and scientific products.

Our services include:

  - High tolerance injection moulding
  - Extrusion
  - Manual & automated cleanroom assembly
  - Assembly of medical devices and components
  - Automated fill form and seal (FFS) packaging
  - Manual packaging
  - Sterilisation

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Why work with Mi3?

Our people are our proof. Our experts have joined us from various disciplines, including medical, pharma and regulatory backgrounds – we are uniquely positioned to provide professional advice on all elements of your product creation.
From your initial consultation, right through to the manufacturing of your product, our experts are with you every step of the way. Advising and collaborating. We are your manufacturing partner for complex plastics and medical devices.
Looking for something more than just manufacturing? We can take your bright ideas from consultation to concept to production, through established medical device development processes. Together, we bring medical innovations to life.  
“Mi3 has a customer focus culture and it is dedicated to helping solve issues and improve output quality. Medela AG has seen how Mi3 is passionate about assisting us to scale up the business”. 
Daniele Samuel Pascovici, Project Sourcing Healthcare, Medela AG

Quality assured processes

Our medical device manufacturing processes are validated to provide maximum possible assurance of repeatable quality, and we continuously strive to improve these processes with regular training programmes. The manufacture of your medical devices and medical products could not be in safer hands..


Our purpose-built ISO 14644 compliant Class 7 clean-room facility has been designed for precise manual and automated assembly of medical devices, including IVDs. High tolerance injection moulding, extrusion and ultrasonic welding is also available in our secondary Class 8 clean room. Through validated processes and regular training programmes, we ensure the manufacture of your medical device is in the safest of hands.

Terminal packaging & sterilisation

Terminal packaging solutions are critical for your sterile devices. Medical device packaging that is suitable for the device is vital to ensure your product remains sterile and doesn’t become life threatening to patients. Our experts can help validate the packaging and sterilisation processes for your product,  Sterilisation processes available include Gamma Irradiation and Ethylene Oxide, and all sterilisation is performed in accordance with ISO guidelines.