At Mi3, medical device product development follows 6 key phases – through from concept to design transfer to manufacturing.

Moving between phases within a design project occurs with a stage gated review. Each step is reviewed to ensure detailed design inputs and deliverables throughout the entire process and results in a seamless collaboration between Mi3 and our clients.


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Bringing your bright idea to life

The team at Mi3 work closely with you to ensure your medical product development and design, be it simple or complex, meets the scope of its intended use and the needs of the end user in a cost effective and timely manner.

Our expertise lies in our ability to understand plastic materials, geometries and manufacturing technologies. We identify the most practical and economical tool options for you, ensuring we provide a product that can be scaled up from prototype into a consistent and repeatable manufacturing process.

Concept and design

Our experienced design specialists utilise Solid Works design software to translate your product ideas or market concepts into comprehensive CAD image files for validated marketable devices. In detailed product planning meetings, they help visualise your ideas and set out clear and structured delivery plans from concept to product launch. We’ll collaborate and advise you on every part of the medical product development process, so you feel confident that we can deliver the most efficient and competitive product for its intended use and route to market.

Tool design

Our engineers have the expertise to design your production tools to deliver optimum parts for the life of your product. We also offer you the opportunity to utilise prototype tools to aid product launch. This can be a particularly cost effective option when the product is in its early stage, and may require iterative changes before committing to full production tooling.


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