When looking for the right medical product packaging, it’s important to find a company that considers the specificity of your needs.

Mi3 offers specialist medical device packaging as a standalone contract packaging service or as part of a wider medical product design and development project.

The team at Mi3 is experienced in providing both manual and automated form-fill-seal packaging options to address most packaging requirements.

Our state of the art and compact form-fill-seal automated machines work by forming the package, filling with the device and then sealing it, delivering the product straight into outer packaging and ready for sterilisation. This simplifies the overall packaging process and allows for the precise control of the forming and sealing parameters of each pouch, making it a particularly attractive option for the cleanroom packaging of high volumes of manufactured or assembled devices.

Mi3 can also advise on manual or bespoke solutions for smaller volumes either as part of an ongoing manufacturing or assembly processor for individual packaging requirements.

Ensuring the Right Packaging for Your Product

Your medical device packaging requirements will be driven by the class and type of device you have.

Options for the packaging for medical devices can be extensive and we can offer a wide range of packaging solutions within our Class 7 cleanroom facility, from aseptic or sterile packaging to simple peel pouches or fully automated Form Fill Seal lines.

Not only will we recommend the most appropriate pack, but we’ll also help you design your packaging and transit validations to meet the requirements of ISO 11607 parts 1 & 2 as required.

Terminal Packaging Solutions from Mi3

Terminal packaging solutions are critical for your sterile devices.

Medical device packaging that is suitable for the device is vital to ensure your product remains sterile and doesn’t become life threatening to patients.

Mi3 can tailor the right solution to meet your medical product packaging requirements.

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