At Mi3, we can provide clean room medical tube extrusion of medical grade thermoplastic tubing according to your requirements.

We utilise the best medical grade tubing and medical extrusion technologies so that we can tailor the material, size, hardness and colour to your specific device needs.

Medical devices are becoming increasingly complex with requirements for high precision components – including extruded tubing parts. An extensive range of materials with an array of different properties are available for medical tube extrusion, so much so the choice can be baffling.

At Mi3, we are able to advise and support our partners with the most suitable choice of tubing for their application. We work with them to determine the required specifications, such as the inner diameter /outer diameter (ID/OD) requirements, wall thickness, length, biocompatibility and non-toxicity including DEHP free tubing options.

Our Extrusion Facilities

Mi3’s extruders feature accurate low-level vacuum control to ensure the OD of the tubing remains stable, with further air pressure and relative flow rate controls to ensure internal lumen dimensions are accurately controlled. With our extrusion capabilities located at our manufacturing facilities in Blackburn, alongside our injection moulding and medical device assembly cleanrooms, we are able to provide comprehensive vertically integrated solutions across the range of medical device manufacturing supply chain. For our customers, this can speed up decision making, shorten lead times, improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Our tubing production is housed within our CME, offering superb levels of hygiene and continued close proximity to the injection moulding machines and adjacent class 7 assembly clean room.

Designed to Your Needs

At Mi3 we use the very best in medical extrusion technologies. All our tubing is measured in line, using sophisticated laser systems.

In addition, printing, cutting and coiling options for your extruded tubing are all available according to your needs.

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