A placement year at Mi3

Adding valuable experience whilst increasing employability, a placement scheme is highly rewarding. With the recruitment marketplace demands and competitiveness ever increasing, a placement will help develop a sought after skillset before graduation! Not only is a placement an asset to the student, the benefits extend to the University and placement organisation. Muhammed Dassu, a Medical Engineering student at the University of Bradford, reflects on his placement year at Mi3.

Why Mi3?

The business of Mi3, a medical device Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is directly associated with my degree Medical Engineering. Over the 3 years of study prior to my placement, I studied disciplines such as Computer Aided Engineering (CAD); Medical Ethics and Regulations; Project Management, essential to the development and manufacture of a medical device. The nature of the work at Mi3 as a member of the Engineering and Product Development team, presented an opportunity to apply, develop and build confidence in learnt disciplines. As an OEM contract manufacturer, Mi3 works on a variety of projects and therefore presents a variety of challenges.

As a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) business, Mi3 provided me with exposure to all factions and hierarchy of the business, often difficult in many larger organisations. Based in my hometown I could contribute locally but make a global impact by assisting in the development of medical devices to be used by populations across the globe, a gratifying and motivating prospect.


What to Expect?

The culture at Mi3 reflects the guiding principles of the business; Innovation; Excellence; Customer Focus; Integrity; Collaboration. The company has a zeal to produce medical devices to benefit the population. From the first day I was guided by my mentor, easing the transition from academia to industry and was quickly made to feel part of the Mi3 family. The work at Mi3, as a Project Support Engineer varies between customer related and continuous improvement projects. Customer related projects involve working on project enquiries, medical device design and development or ongoing product support. Continuous Improvement projects range from finding solutions for quality issues to bringing in new technology, equipment and machinery. My work package exposed me to different challenges, whilst providing a rich learning experience. Work is carried out alongside the highly experienced and talented team at Mi3, who made the experience less daunting, answering any question no matter how simple and continuing to teach throughout the experience. Approaching the completion of my placement I feel prepared for the next part of my course, ready to apply all I have learnt and gained.


How did I benefit?

The industrial experience was an opportunity to learn first-hand about the medical device industry. In addition, the learnt skills at University were be applied and developed, alongside gaining new skills and knowledge relevant to the medical device industry, increasing my capabilities as a student. My work package was based around the product design, verification, validation and design transfer phases of the medical lifecycle. Having learnt some aspects of each phase at university e.g. CAD modelling for product design and Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) for verification and validation, I had the opportunity to work on these activities but to an industry standard. New activities were introduced for example, sterilisation validation an essential consideration for a medical device.

The nature of the workplace requires personal attributes to work harmoniously within the organisation. Day to day work helped develop soft skills such as communication, leadership, project management and emotional intelligence. Not only did I establish a relationship with Mi3 employees, but also with customers and suppliers, whilst working on project enquiries and device development, building soft skills and also learning from their expertise.

An understanding of business and how an organisation operates in the wider environment is often overlooked in non-business related degrees. Through my work on acquiring capital equipment, project enquiries and participating in project management discussions I obtained some commercial awareness, a useful perspective for decision making in the future.


Final Reflections…

My experience at Mi3 has been fruitful, an experience I thoroughly enjoyed particularly working on the commissioning of a new packaging line. This year in industry has provided a unique insight into the medical device industry and valuable exposure to other sectors such as Intellectual Property Law.  I feel prepared for whatever the future holds with the head start working at Mi3 has given.


About the Author:

Muhammed Dassu is a Project Support Engineer, responsible for assisting in the introduction of new single use medical devices at Mi3.  Prior to joining Mi3, Muhammed interned at a Hospital, Engineered Polymer Solutions and AI company. Muhammed graduated with a BEng (Hons) in Medical Engineering from the University of Bradford and will go on to study an MSc in Medical Engineering at the University of Leeds after the completion of his placement.


About Mi3

Founded in 2006, Mi3 is a specialist partner in the design, development and manufacture of complex plastic medical, pharmaceutical and scientific devices. Supporting clients from an early stage concept interpretation to development and designfor manufacture. Mi3 can be contracted for one or more parts of the product cycle or the entire process, assisting with:

Growing successfully, the company has an international client base, continuing to operate on the same values that helped to build its reputation for excellence: innovation, excellence, customer focus, integrity and collaboration.

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