Manufacturing Challenges of 2020

As a UK based contract manufacturer that distributes products to our clients globally, Mi3 have, like all businesses in 2020, faced challenges in ensuring its customers remained unaffected and received 'business as usual' assurances at all times regardless of what was happening in the outside world.

PPE & Supply Chain Challenges

2020 was a strange one to say the least and was a significant challenge for many companies' supply chains, but none more so than for manufacturers within the life science space. Under normal circumstances Mi3 require ongoing PPE supplies for use in our cleanrooms. The strength of our supply chain partners was tested not least because of the increasing difficulties that were faced globally in seeking PPE and cleaning supplies. But with the tremendous work of our team and suppliers we managed our supply chain effectively throughout the year with no impact on our cleanroom production schedules and we can proudly say that all our customers had an uninterrupted supply of product.

The processes and systems that Mi3 have in place faced their toughest test in 2020 and have proven themselves to be robust and more than capable in a time of crisis.

Brexit Effect

The Brexit effect took over supply chain thoughts in the back half of 2020 once Covid, for the main part, had been safely navigated. Again Mi3 was prepared in a timely manner to ensure we had the systems and processes in place, so that, regardless of the outcome of a deal or no deal, our customers would not see a change to their consistent supply of product.

Responding to Increased Demand

At Mi3 we have, like so many in the industry, experienced the surge in demand from our customers and in response to this have implemented shift work which ensures that the business is equipped to meet any increased demand now and well into the future. This would not have been possible without the amazing staff we have and the commitment that they have shown.

About Mi3

Mi3 are expert contract manufacturers of medical devices. Our purpose built class 7 and class 8 cleanrooms are designed for precision injection moulding, extrusion, assembly and packaging of medical devices, IVD's and other plastic devices and scientific products. We look forward to partnering with you to produce your medical devices, helping you and your business face the challenges that 2021 brings head on so that we can grow and succeed together.

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