Marta’s Story…so far…

My name is Marta Cybula, and I am Production Manager of Mi3. Reflecting back on my first day at Mi3 it was one of the most memorable days of my time at work. After being introduced to everyone, I was placed in the packing area where I received thorough training with emphasis on hygiene and the microbiological aspects of the products. Everything was so new to me but everybody was very open and supportive. This instantly made me feel comfortable and definitely made me feel as though I was part of the team.

Working at Mi3 for the first few months was enjoyable for me as I learned something new every day, from assembly of medical devices, through testing and inspection processes right to packing and palletising of products. At that point my manager noticed potential in me and gave me the opportunity to become a production supervisor. I was very young at that time, full of fears that I will not make it.

I was also overwhelmed by the work and the responsibilities that were placed on me, but with the help of my manager and work colleagues, who have had years of experience, I felt more confident and supported as I knew my work would be double checked and any uncertainties would be explained. By observing and learning from them, I managed to pick up tips and learned different types of skills, from learning to communicate and deal with difficult situations, to planning production.

After a few years my hard work paid off as Mi3 offered me a position of Production Manager and enrolled me onto an ILM course at Blackburn College. I am so happy, and thankful that Mi3 is putting lots of effort investing in people. This helped me to understand and improve my day to day activities coordinating production in both our cleanrooms and overseeing training of the organization’s cleanroom staff to provide maximum possible assurance of repeatable quality.

During my ten-year tenure at Mi3 I have been involved in development of Mi3’s production department including the recruitment process. I believe that Mi3 can make a real difference to patients’ lives by providing high quality products and services. It is an honour to be a part of the Mi3 team.