Developing working prototypes is a crucial part of the medical product manufacturing process. Designing, developing and manufacturing a medical device can be complex, and medical device prototyping is fundamental.

It is therefore essential to work with a medical device development team that has prototyping capabilities.

Bringing Your Bright Idea to Life

Having early samples of your medical product provides you with the opportunity to test and evaluate the concept and work on future iterations without the need for investing in expensive production tools. Mi3 can help you test and validate your prototypes, helping you to accelerate the process of turning your innovative idea into a market-ready product through a realistic development and scaling plan.

“Mi3 has a customer focus culture and it is dedicated to helping solve issues and improve output quality. Medela AG has seen how Mi3 is passionate about assisting us to scale up the business”. 
Daniele Samuel Pascovici, Project Sourcing Healthcare, Medela AG

3D Printing

Working with your initial concept design or bespoke product specifications the experienced design team at Mi3 will produce your medical device prototypes normally via 3D printing techniques on our in house 3D printing machines.

Stage 1: Prototype Production

There are often two main stages in the prototyping process: the first is your first medical device prototype production based on initial design drawings and specifications. This prototype is crucial to get a better understanding of the look and feel of the device and how it will work. This is an essential part of the medical device design process and is used to improve and enhance the design.

Stage 2: Testing and Evaluation

The second stage is the final prototype at the end of the design process – this often also involves manufacturing a small batch of the prototype medical device to be used for testing and evaluation. This prototype can also be validated and compliant with regulations.

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