The 5 types of 3D scanning technology

White Paper

3D scanning is an underestimated piece of technology that can benefit the manufacturing of medical devices in many ways. From scanning an object to reverse engineering, we delve into the 5 different types available and what goes into the technology in our whitepaper.

Download your copy of our whitepaper below to find out moreā€¦

Typically used for CAD prototyping and development, reverse engineering, quality inspections, 3D modelling and animation, visual effects and more, 3D scanning is also popular in the medical industry.

Hoping to use 3D scanning technology within your business? Download our whitepaper to find out:

  • Exactly what 3D scanning is and the technology behind it
  • Which of the 5 different types of 3D scanning are best for you and your business
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each type

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